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Grab the awesome Harry Potter Dumbledore Hat with Tassel!

When you’re a wizened old wizard, you have to make sure to look the part, you know? You need flowing, comfortable robes, a long gray beard, and of course, a classic wizard’s hat. But here’s the thing, every witch and wizard from here to the Middle Ages has worn the same pointy triangle hat, and you are wise enough to know that you need to separate yourself from that crowd. So go with this stylish Wizard Headmaster Tassel Hat and make yourself immediately recognizable.

True wisdom knows that strength comes from standing out, not blending it. And this hat will announce to everyone around you that not only are you a cut above the rest, but you have a heck of a style about yourself as well!

This cozy hat fits around your head with a size adjustable band on the inside edge. Colorful abstract designs are embroidered around the outer edge and complement the gold tassel anchored to the top. It’s a wise wizard’s dream hat!

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