2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special Announced!

The dreaded wait for your Doctor Who fix is finally over – or at least for the time being.  Every Doctor Who fan out there knows how dreaded the wait between seasons can be.  What are you supposed to do with yourself? Watch the entire series from the beginning? Well, to be honest, yes.

But boy do we have some news for you! The Doctor Who team has had a yearly Christmas Special since the show’s relaunch in 2005.  This year will be no different, with this year’s continuation of the tradition to feature a much beloved Christmas Special.  The 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special has been confirmed to air on December 25th, 2016!

Bill, the Doctor’s newest companion, won’t be making her debut during this special however, as she’ll first be introduced on screen with the start of Season 10.  This, of course, leaves the question of who the guest companion to play alongside Peter Capaldi will be.  Many fans are making their predictions with a number of past characters coming up in the mix, including River Song (Alex Kingston),  Nardole (Matt Lucas), Ashildr (Maisie Williams), or Missy (Michelle Gomez)!

After the special airs, however, fans will have to continue their wait for the 10th season.  The 12-episode seasons is expected to air in early 2017 – so fingers crossed for a short wait!

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